Secrets of Rætikon [Steam Early Access] Alpha 10 Fix (2014)

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Secrets of Rætikon [Steam Early Access] Alpha 10 Fix (2014)
Secrets of Rætikon [Steam Early Access] Alpha 10 Fix (2014)

Разработчик: Broken Rules
Жанр: Пазл/Игра с физикой
Дата выхода игры: 08.01.2014
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Тип издания: Beta-версия
Лекарство: Не требуется


Secrets of Rætikon - новый проект австрийской студии Broken Rules, создателей прекрасной And Yet It Moves.

Secrets of Rætikon - основанная на реальной физике игра с открытым миром для изучения. Вы можете свободно летать над Альпами, знакомиться с местной флорой и фауной, выживать в экстремальных условиях или же просто любоваться местными пейзажами. Для продвижения по сюжету Вам придется отгадывать головоломки, открывая новые локации для исследования, сражаться и постигать тайны мироздания.

Необычная 2D-аркада, где основной упор сделан на изучение мира и… полёт. Ведь воплощением игрока станет птица, а местом действия — Альпы.

Путешествуя по красочным уровням, игроки познакомятся с богатым (и порой опасным) животным миром и раскроют секреты ретов — древних племён, обитавших в долинах Западных и Центральных Альп. Мир Secrets of Rætikon усеян странными артефактами-головоломками, чьё предназначение вам предстоит раскрыть. Графика игры выполнена в полностью полигональном 2D. Редкое явление в наши дни, когда многие независимые разработчики стремятся «пикселизировать» свои аркады.

Список изменений:

Alpha 10 Fix:

☛ A quick interims update to fix the first-level-fps troubles

Alpha 10:

☛ Completely reworked tutorial.

☛ Replaced the thunderstorm level with a fun diving challenge.

☛ New platforms: native Linux 64 bit and OSX 10.6!

☛ Re-worked water behaviour - now more realistic than in real life!

☛ Animals are now able to swim (but cannot drown ... yet).

☛ Improved lynx attack and defence patterns, as well as overall movement.

☛ Improved buzzard movement and attack patterns. It can actually fight lynx now!

☛ Buzzards pauses at nest after being hatched.

☛ Lots of new plants to uproot and trees to break apart.

☛ Made the robin statue parts a bit harder to find.

☛ Fixed daw king wings.

☛ Fixed game end.

☛ Fixed runes hud (partially).

☛ Fixed gamepad support on Linux.

☛ Enabling the system cursor again when pausing the game.

Edtor Updates:

☛ Ginked: Lots of fixes and improvements.

Alpha 9:


☛ ADDED Windows XP support.

☛ Completely reworked mouse controls to be more intuitive. (WIP)

☛ Awesomeized area behind fox den!

☛ Added a completely new temple room area between fox den and lynx area. (WIP)

☛ Updated swamp area colours and added background elements. (WIP)

☛ Completely revamped water movement for players and animals, and floating of other objects.

☛ Added an indicator to rune stones to tell if they have been grabbed already or not.

☛ Reworked controls screen in the main menu.

☛ Added new buttons font that will be used in tutorial.

☛ Added 'use gamepad' hint at the start of the game.

☛ Ginked: undo now works for values set in property fields.

☛ Ginked: path points can be moved along a horizontal/vertical axis now

☛ Ginked: colour editor doesn't overwrite alpha values on entering any more

Alpha 8:

☛ New game mechanic: start out with three lives.

☛ New item: blue orbs. Collect 100 to gain an extra live.

☛ New item: rune orbs. Collect all 26 to decipher the rune alphabet.

☛ New content: rune stones. Find all rune stones and decipher their messages.

☛ Added new rune translation table HUD (press Triangle(PS3), Y(Xbox) or 'R' (Keyboard)).

☛ Added a new rune font.

☛ Added a 'Game Over' screen.

☛ Replaced labels at altars with a nice progress display.

☛ Updated and stream lined all altars.

☛ Tuned difficulty by redistributing slivers and health.

☛ New challenges: try to get all the collectibles in the lynx area.

☛ Tuned brambles for better readability (see wind tunnel to the fox queen).

☛ Redistributed nests and eggs - hatch some birds!

☛ New challenge: get the collectibles at the living tree.

☛ Added lots of secret caves to discover.

☛ Updated level geometry and decoration at the living tree.

☛ Added a rabbit cave in the lynx area.

☛ Improved lynx and stag movement.

☛ Tuned thunder sound in storm area.

☛ Fixed a bug where slivers kept circling around altars at a low framerate.

☛ Fixed jumbled layers of spawned creatures

☛ Smoother camera handling.

☛ Game now has an icon. Hurray!

☛ Game pauses now when switching to another application.

☛ Lots of minor bug fixes and tweaks.

☛ Possible bug fix for OS X 10.6

☛ Updated game manual.

☛ Ginked: Fixed cursor visibility issue in fullscreen.

☛ Ginked: wind editor now has sliders to adjust values.

☛ Ginked: new error log notification window (WIP).

☛ Ginked: Added axis configuration to ConfigurablePlayerInput and Keymapping

Alpha 7:

☛ Add new game content.

☛ Additional and more intuitive editor functionality.

Alpha 6:

☛ Add in-game level editor.

Alpha 5:

☛ Fixed player spawning in level geometry on respawn

☛ Fixed player spawn position when respawning in tutorial

☛ Fixed player loses grabbed objects after level transition

☛ Fixed GPU particles not rendering correctly on many Windows systems

☛ Per default, the game starts in windowed mode on Windows

☛ Disabled Scoroid temporarily to see if it fixes game not displaying correctly

Примечание: наблюдаются проблемы с сохранениями у людей на WinXP SP3, хотя многие уже даже не знают, что это такое)


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